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We Offer a Complete Package of Services for You to Launch Your Own Gift Card 

Gifmo Gift Cards Product DesignProduct Design

We print, encode and ship your gift cards. Our  systems track and monitor your inventory to make sure that your shelves are always stocked.


Gifmo Gift Cards Merchandising


Our in-store card and marketing displays catch eyes and keep the sales coming.


Gifmo Gift Cards TrainingTraining

We will train your staff on how the cards work, how to handle questions, how to promote, activate and redeem your gift cards.


Gifmo Gift Cards Online SalesOnline Sales

Our e-commerce solution is up and ready to start promoting your business on day one.


Gifmo Gift Cards Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Sales

Our biz dev team is here and ready to sell your gift cards to companies and institutions that can help build your brand.


Gifmo Gift Cards TechnologyTechnology

Our proprietary systems are instant, reliable and secure, designed specifically to work in the Philippines.


Gifmo Gift Cards Back Office

Back Office

Our customer service center is ready to receive and resolve any customer inquiries or issues in a quick and easy way.


Gifmo Gift Cards Risk & Fraud Management

Risk & Fraud Management

Our Risk and Fraud Management Experts track and monitor the patterns of card use, to catch and resolve any illegitimate activity before it becomes a problem.


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